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Saturday, 01 November 2008 20:34
Types of fibres used in knitting

All varieties of cotton have a dull finish unless mercerized. Cotton yarn has minimal elasticity unless blended with other fibers. Pure cotton is useful for projects that require structure such as purses and tote bags, placemats, and other utilitarian items.

Fiber type Description
Egyptian cotton Longest cotton fiber, smoother and softer than other cottons.
Pima cotton Cross between Egyptian and American cottons. Intermediate properties.
American cotton Medium-long fiber, readily takes on dye. Available in widest variety of colors.

Other plant fibers
Fiber type Description
Linen Strong fiber, good for warm weather items. Wrinkles easily.
Rayon Made from processed wood pulp. Inexpensive and highly absorbent, natural sheen.

Animal based fibers
Fiber type Description
Merino wool Softer than cotton, tends to pill.
Icelandic wool Strong but scratchy.
Mohair Lofty and luxurious, best used as an outer layer. May feel scratchy.
Cashmere Soft, luxurious, expensive.
Alpaca Very warm. Suitable for accessories such as scarves
Angora Very soft, tends to shed. Best used in pure form as an accent material, or blended with other fibers.
Silk Exceptionally strong, lustrous, and shiny. Good for summer wear

Fiber type Description
Acrylic Washes well, inexpensive. Good choice for beginners and for items designed for babies or pets.
Nylon Strong, elastic, washes well. Not ideal for garments unless blended with other fibers.
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