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Yarn size

Category name Symbol Description Crochet gauge Hook size
Super fine sock, fingering, baby 21 - 32 sts 2.25mm - 3.5 mm
Fine sport, baby 16 - 20 sts 3.5mm - 4.5 mm
Light DK, light worsted 12 - 17 sts 4.5mm - 5.5 mm
Medium worsted, Afghan, Aran 11 - 14 sts 5.5mm - 6.5 mm
Bulky chunky, craft, rug 8 - 11 sts 6.5mm - 9 mm
Super Bulky bulky, roving 5 - 9 sts 9mm & larger


Common terms used to describe knitting and crochet yarn properties.

Term Description
Absorbency The ability of a fiber to hold water, determines sweat absorption and suitability for warm weather wear.
Breathability How readily air passes through the fiber.
Dyeability How well the fiber accepts and holds color.
Hand/Handle Tactile description: softness, resiliency, etc.
Loft The amount of air between fibers.
Resiliency (elasticity) The tendency of a fiber to resume its original shape after stretching.
Thickness The diameter of the fiber in micrometres.
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